Grooming fees are estimated based on breed, coat or coat condition and the dog's size.

We care deeply about the well being of your pet whom you have entrusted with us.
All of our grooming clients are required to provide proof of vaccinations before we can groom your pet.
This ensures the integrity of the shop and maintains a healthy atmosphere for your dog
and every other dog entering the premises.

Our goal is to provide you with the style that you want, without undue stress and anxiety to your pet.
Successful grooming is a partnership between our staff and you, the client. Your pet is treated as an individual.
We take a holistic and total view of your dog beyond the coat where we build a relationship with him/her in a calm,
safe and comfortable environment.

Also, we are here to provide you with information on grooming your pet and are happy to pass along that knowledge to you.

We take pride in the fact that our shop is modern and clean and that all of our grooming products are cruelty free.

Full Service Includes:

  • Brush Out
  • Rough Cut
  • Nail Clipping which includes filing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Bath
  • Anal Glands
  • Hand Blow Dry
  • Personalized Styling/Finishing work

Drop off & Wash Service. By appointment. Includes:

  • Bath
  • Your choice, towel or blow dry

Spa Services

Every Dog has his Day!

You know the old saying. Why not take advantage of our pet spa for dogs? This isn't the pampering that humans get, this is spa - doggie style.

The Works!

In addition to a regular grooming session:

  • Blueberry Pearl Facial - this is great for tear stains and conditions the fur.
  • Spa bath with your choice of shampoos - Oatmeal or Coconut shampoo and cream rinse/conditioner. Both are soothing to the skin.
  • Aroma Therapy for Pets Relaxation Treatment. We offer a wonderful calming lavender shampoo.
  • Pad/Paw Conditioning Balm Treatment

General Spa Services

If you don't want the full works, we can offer these individual spa treatments without the full groom:

  • Blueberry Pearl Facial
  • Nail Clipping & Grinding
  • Spa Bath
  • Aroma Therapy Relaxation Treatment
  • Pad/Paw Conditioning Balm Treatment
  • Sanitary Trim

Additional Grooming Services

Mobile Grooming:

Unfortunately, we are not offering full service mobile grooming at this time.

Mobile Grooming - Just Nails!:

If you just want nail maintenance done, we offer nail trimming and filing for dogs and nail clipping for cats and ferrets.

Please call for appointments and rates.

Why groom your dog?

Grooming is an essential part of your dog's health and well being.
Just like humans, dogs need to be groomed and bathed regularly.
By regular grooming, potential problems like parasites and skin conditions
can be uncovered and reported to you for further action.